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in the first half of 2011

Leading manufacturers

The volume of the import of cardiographs to Russia was about $6 mln in the first half of 2011. The states amount was received as a result of the analysis of the customs statistics for the Custom Code 9018110000. The cardiographs of the firm Schiller AG make about 30% of the import volume in the value terms. Mortara Instrument and Nihon Kohden are on the second and the third lines of the rating of the foreign suppliers – 9% and 7% correspondingly. Fukuda Denshi is on the forth place.

The similar situation with supplies of the foreign cardiographs to Russia is observed during the last several years in succession. The annual volume of supplies changes insignificantly as well. The volume of supplies of the stated four manufacturers as a whole makes more than 50% from the total volume of the import of all foreign manufacturers who supplied their cardiographs to Russia.
Such manufacturers as GE Medical Systems (USA), Cardiette (Italy), Bionet Ltd. (Korea), Innomed Medical (Hungary), BTL Industries Ltd. (Great Britain), Shenzhen Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd. (China), Medinova Industrial Co., Ltd. (China), Edan Instruments (China) and other manufacturers also supplied their cardiographs to Russia.

Main countries-suppliers

The rating of the countries-suppliers of cardiographs to Russia is the following:

1. Switzerland – 33%
2. Japan – 17%
3. USA – 13%.
4. Italy - 9%

These countries make about 2/3 of the cardiographs import. The pure have about 3% of the total volume of import. It’s rather modest volume taking into account the sufficiently large number of the Chinese manufacturers who have registered their cardiographs in Russia. As the experience of operation of the Chinese cardiographs of the firm Kaden (Kaden Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.) shows, the Chinese cardiographs are not inferior to the European and Japanese cardiographs in reliability. In spite of this, the opinion about the low quality and reliability of the Chinese goods has not yet been gotten over. From the other side, this negative opinion about the quality and reliability of the Chinese goods is practically reduced to zero with regard to the ultrasound scanners. The similar scenario can expected in the future also concerning the supplies of electrocardiographs.

The code stated above includes also the accessories and the consumption materials for cardiographs (mainly electrodes) which make 9% of the volume of supplies in the value terms. The manufacturers of the materials and the accessories are such firms as Tyco Healthcare Deutschland GMBH, Ambu A/S, Leonard Lang GMBH, 3M Canada Company and others.