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Kaden Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

The Chinese manufacturer Kaden Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes on the development, production and servicing of electrocardiographs. The production capacity of the company allows to produce about 10000 ECG apparatuses per year. Kaden produces one-channel, three-channel, six-channel and twelve-channel electrocardiographs. The company has its own branches in all main cities of China.
The firm Kaden started the production of cardiographs in 2005 and until now supplied its products to more than 50 countries in the world. The company received the Certificate ISO 9001:2000 and also the Quality Certificate ISO 13485:2003. The production conditions meet the requirements of the European directive CE 93/42. The firm Kaden is currently one of the main manufacturers of cardiographs in China. The big number of the Chinese trading firm offer Kaden products both in China and abroad.

The company Kaden has been supplying its ECG apparatuses of ECG-903 и ECG-903A models to the Russian market since 2006. During four years these Kaden models established themselves as the qualitative ECG apparatuses which are not inferior in reliability to the similar apparatuses of the famous brands. Kaden electrocardiographs have the quite modern and practical design. In general, the Chinese apparatuses on our opinion are somewhat inferior to the Japanese in terms of compactness and elegance. The users who do not care about the features stated above gain much in value buying the Chinese apparatuses. Our experience allows to state that the Chinese apparatuses have no equals on our market in terms of the price-quality-functionality ratio.

Besides three-channel apparatuses stated above the firm Kaden produces the following apparatuses:
- one-channel cardiographs ECG-901 and ECG-901A
- three-channel cardiograph ECG-923
- six-channel cardiograph ECG-923A
- 12-channel cardiograph ECG-9012

Kaden cardiographs have the Federal Service of Health Care and Social Development Control of Russia, the Certificate of Conformity and the Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments