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In 2010, Russia imported electrocardiographs with their consumption materials for the amount of USD15 mln. This is 1,5 times more than in the crisis 2009. The following five main manufacturers make more than 60% of the import: Schiller AG, Mortara Instrument, General Electric, Fukuda Denshi and Nihon Kohden In all more than 20 manufacturers import their products to Russia. As the analysis shows, the volume of the import in quantitative terms makes 8-10 thousand pieces. The largest share of the imported ECG apparatuses falls on the expensive 12-channel apparatuses of Mortara, Schiller and other manufacturers. The share of the purely Chinese apparatuses in the total volume of the import in value terms does not exceed 4%. The following Chinese manufacturers supplied their products to Russia:
- Zhuhai Kaden Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.
- Shenzhen Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd.
- Medinova Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Edan Instruments
The rating of the countries from which the cardiographs were imported to Russia looks as follows:
1. Switzerland (Schiller)
2. Japan (Fukuda, Nihon Kohden, Suzuken and Fukuda M-E)
3. China.
The share of these three countries in value terms makes more than half of all import of cardiographs supplied to Russia. Besides the purely Chinese manufacturers mentioned above, such famous manufacturers as Beijing Fukuda Denshi Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. and GE Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. supplied cardiographs from their Chinese plants Such large manufacturers as Bionet Co,. Ltd. (Korea), BTL Industries Ltd. (Great Britain - Czech), Innomed Medical RT (Hungary) as well as Philips Medical Systems (USA) should be also mentioned.