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1. Manufacturers from China

More than ten of rather big manufacturers of cardiographs are working in China, and their number is increasing constantly. Five manufacturers are already supplying their products to Russia. The share of the Chinese electrocardiographs on the Russian market is still small, but they proved themselves from the best side. The high reliability and the optimal ratio of the user’s properties-price-quality earn the respect to the Chinese cardiographs from the Russian users.

2. “Don’t offer China”

However, the phrase “Do not offer China” can still be heard sometimes from some of our clients concerning the Chinese ECG apparatuses. This phrase has already almost disappeared from the lexicon of the Russian users of Us-scanners. The share of the Chinese Us-scanners on our market is considerably higher than the share of the Chinese ECG apparatuses. The rates of conquering the Russian market by the Chinese manufacturers of the ultrasonic scanners are also very high. Such an attitude to the Chinese cardiographs can be explained by a significantly lower cost of ECG apparatuses compared with the ultrasonic devices. For this reason, a Russian consumer is studying more thoroughly the possibility and consequences of the purchase of an ultrasonic scanner and has already estimated rather highly their quality and reliability.

3. Perspectives of cardiographs from China

At the present time the functional possibilities as well as the quality and reliability of the Chinese electrocardiographs meet the requirements of more than 80% of the Russian users. With the account of this circumstance and also considering the low cost of the Chinese cardiographs and the tendency of breaking our public stereotype about the low quality of the Chinese products it may be assumed that the Chinese cardiographs will occupy an increasing share of the Russian market.

Below is a brief description of the main Chinese firms-manufacturers of electrocardiographs.

1. Kaden Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Produces cardiographs on the basis of their own development. Kaden cardiographs are in demand among Russian consumers due to their good technical characteristics, modern design, functionality and reasonable price.

2. Edan Instruments Inc. One of the largest companies in China in production and an absolute leader in export of electrocardiographs of the wide price range. Delivers its cardiographs to more than 100 countries, including Russia.

3. Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. -the sufficiently experienced and largest company with a big staff of qualified personnel. Company’s production capacity exceeds 10 000 pcs of cardiographs a year.

4. Shenzhen Biocare Electronics Co., Ltd. Produces a large number of cardiograph models from one- to 12-channel. Cardiographs Biocare are distinguished by the elegant design, high quality and reliability.

5. Shenzhen Creative Industry Co., Ltd. Produces a sufficiently large number of items of medical equipment including the lightweight electrocardiographs used in domestic conditions for self-diagnosis.

6. Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd. has a nearly 20-years history of development and the staff of over 1500 people. A large number of cardiographs is exported. The company plans to supply its cardiographs to Russia in the nearest future.

7. 3RAY ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. - one of the youngest and most rapidly progressing companies in China. Produces cardiographs from one- to 12-channel based on its own development. A significant share of manufactured products is exported abroad, both directly and through other companies.

8. Shenzhen Bestman Instrument Co., Ltd. has a 20-years experience of production and sales of medical equipment. The company exports its products to many countries of the world. Is planning to register and supply the cardiographs to Russia.

9. CMICS Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and is a professional developer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic medical equipment. The company produces 1/3 and 6/12-channel electrocardiographs. ISO 13485 and CE Certificates are available.

10. Guangdong Biolight Meditech Co., Ltd. is known all over the world as a developer and supplier of patient monitors. The company is in a process of registration of new models of cardiographs and intends to supply its cardiographs to Russia.

11. Beijing M@B Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. known in China and abroad company for production and supplies of medical equipment. M@B registered the cardiographs in 2011 and intends to supply its cardiographs to Russia.

12. Shenzhen ECGMAC Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. has a two-years experience of development and supply of medical equipment. The cardiographs developed by the company have the good technical characteristics and design and are also characterized by the wide functional possibilities and functionality.

13. Shenzhen Carewell Electronics Co., Ltd. – manufactures and supplies medical equipment in China and abroad. The company is among the leaders of the Chinese manufacturers to export the cardiographs.