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1.KADEN Yasen Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. produces seven models of cardiographs. The company has more than 60 dealers in China. About ten Chinese manufacturers produce their cardiographs using developments and some construction elements of Kaden cardiographs. The analysis of cardiographs’ advertisement on the world-known websites and shows that each sixth or seventh Chinese cardiograph advertised on these sites has a direct or indirect relation to Kaden. Kaden cardiographs are on the Russian market since 2006 and have already won the popularity among the Russian users, primarily the private practice physicians and physicians from the private medical institutions. Three-channel electrocardiographs ECG-903 and ECG-903A have proven themselves well in an ambulance, that is in the harshest operating conditions. For their reliability and simplicity they are called “neubivaemye (not killed)”In details …


2. EDAN Instruments Inc. Founded in 1995. The staff is above 800 employees. Produces also ultrasonic scanners, patient monitors, dopplers and other medical equipment. Has ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 Certificates. The firm started to export its products from 2002 and is engaged in development, production and marketing. Edan exports its products to more than 120 countries. The list of ECG apparatuses includes 8 models: -1010, ST-1212, SE-12 EXPRESS, SE-12, SE-1200 Express, SE-601, SE-3 Series, SE-1. For its achievements Edan was placed under the number 27 in the list of 100ASIA WINNERS prestigious journal RED HERRING which confirms the high rating and potential of the firm Edan in the field of innovations and effective technologies.
The cardiograph SE-12 EXSPRESS has a 12,1 inches color sensor LCD monitor, an alphanumeric keyboard, the internal memory of 200 ECGs, the possibility of a streee test and other advanced functions.


3. Shenzhen COMEN Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. Founded in 2001 and is engaged in development, production and sales of monitors and electrocardiographs. The firm has 22 offices in China and the distributors in more than 40 countries. The number of staff – about 200 people. The company’s annual growth is 160%. The cardiographs production was started in 2004. Produces 9 models of cardiographs from one- to 12-channel as follows: СМ100А, СМ100В, СМ300, СМ300А, СМ600, СМ1200А, СМ1200В, СМ1200. Comen can offer several innovative models of 12-channel electrocardiographs with color touch monitors of 5.7, 8.4 and 12.1 inches, with 800x600 pixels, with the large internal memory and the thermal paper with width 210 mm, 216 mm and A4. The annual production volume is about 10 000 pcs.


4. Shenzhen BIOCARE Electronics Co., Ltd. Founded in 1996. Has above 200 distributors in China and abroad. Exports its products to more than 100 countries of the world. The staff is 212 people. Produces 19 models of cardiographs from one- to 12-channel as follows: ECG-101, ECG-101, ECG-9891; ECG-300, ECG-300G, ECG-9803, ECG-9803G, ECG-3030, ECG-3010, ECG-300G (Color display); ECG-6010; ECG-1200, ECG-1210, ECG-1215, ECG-1216, ECG-1230, ECG-1230 (15 channel version).
ECG-101 – a compact and elegant one-channel cardiograph with a wide range of modern functions – is one of the most affordable in the Russian market.
ECG-1230 – a stationary 12-channel cardiograph with a large graphic LCD 12.1 inches display, 210 mm thermal paper, the automatic analysis and interpretation of the ECG, the ability to use a SD card and to transfer the data to a PC in a real time.


5. Shenzhen CREATIVE Industry Co., Ltd. produces pulse oximeters, fetal dopplers, fetal monitors and ECG-monitors of the following models: PC-80B color, PC-80A, PC-80B intended for the self-diagnosis and the detection of cardiac arrhythmias. These ECG-monitors weigh about 800 grams and are provided with the 3-electrode patient cables. The company was founded in 2000 and has ISO9001 and ISO1 Certificates as well as the approval FDA510(K) for several kinds of its products.


Besides the stated above native Chinese manufacturers, such famous companies as GE Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. and also Beijing Fukuda Denshi Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.. produce the cardiographs in China. Fukuda supplies the three-channel cardiographs FX-7102 and FCP-7101 from China to the Russian market, and GE – the six-channel cardiograph МАС-800.