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- the most popular models of electrocardiographs in Russia
- the brief and detailed characteristics of cardiographs of the leading manufacturers: Schiller, Mortara, Fukuda, GE, Nihon Kohden, etc.
- the information about the Russian cardiographs and their manufacturers: Axion, Monitor, Altonika, etc.
- the detailed characteristics of the cardiographs Kaden and Fukuda
- the statistic data on the production as well as the export and import of cardiographs in different countries
- the information about the leading foreign manufacturers
- the analysis of the Russian market of electrocardiographs

Over 25 Russian and foreign manufacturers supply their cardiographs to the Russian market. The tone is set by the manufacturers from Europe, Japan and the USA. The Russian producers keep the sufficiently large market share. In the recent 5 years the significant activity is shown by China.
The official state statistics and the customs data base were used when analyzing the market of the ECGs as well as the opinions of producers and consumers.


Electrocardiographs from Japan and China made 35% of the volume of the Russian import in the value terms in 2010. Although the Chinese cardiographs are slightly worse that the Japanese, however the Russian consumer prefers the Japanese products as a rule. The Japanese cardiographs are more compact and have the more elegant forms in comparison with the Chinese. Both are approximately the same regarding the reliability. The reliability of the patient’s cables, the most week place of the cardiograph system, is also the same. It can be stated in whole that the Japanese cardiographs are inferior to the Chinese in the price-quality-functionality ratio. | in details...